January 7, 2022

The Clear New Year

We would rather not be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, the holidays are over. The first real weekend of the new year is about to begin, and you’re looking to keep things productive. New year new you, right? Maybe you’ve decided to make progress on cleaning out the basement this year or organize your craft box so you can finally find the glue when you need it. Maybe this will be the year you repaint the living room that bold color you’ve been eyeing. Whatever your goal is, we want to assist you.

Our main objective at AAA Lead Inspections is to keep your family safe. We understand that sometimes your to-do list can get overwhelming, and things slip through the cracks – which can cause worse problems later on. Have you ever realized while it was raining that you had forgotten to clear out the gutters? We’ve been there. 

Stick around throughout the upcoming months, and we’ll set up tasks to help you tackle projects around your home while also flagging potential dangers, such as mold, lead, or asbestos. From decluttering spaces to yard work, we’re here to guide you through it all.

Remember: don’t panic, just call. You can always have your home tested for lead paint and dust by a certified professional. If you live in Michigan, call on AAA. Get in touch today and we’ll help determine which inspection service is right for you.

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