About us

Honesty first. Safety, always. When your home or business has lead-based paint, mold, or asbestos, one wrong move can contaminate your space. If you suspect there’s an issue, call on AAA. We’ve been providing comprehensive services and answers since 1999. So that you can breathe easy.

Catherine Phelps

With over 20 years of experience performing inspections and training local businesses in safety awareness, Catherine knows how to protect families and organizations from the risks of lead, asbestos, and mold exposure. Since she keeps a close eye on the industry’s latest tech trends and methods, AAA offers the most thorough and innovative solutions in West Michigan.

Erick Knuth

Having a background in construction, Erick is a strong leader of the site crew and interacts well with contractors. He is dedicated to providing honest feedback on-site and making sure that homeowners are informed and well taken care of. Erick joined the AAA team in 2008.