Hans Peter L'Orange's Art Forms and Civic Life in the Late Roman Empire PDF

By Hans Peter L'Orange

ISBN-10: 0691038023

ISBN-13: 9780691038025

During this research, initially released in Norway as Fra Principat Til Dominat, Professor L'Orange units down the essence of his suggestion at the the most important interval of transition from decentralization to standardization in civic and cultural life-a interval now not not like our own.
"This slender quantity provides an admirably succinct research of 1 of the nice turning issues in Western artwork and civilization."--Art Bulletin
"L'Orange has distilled for the non-specialist reader's profit the essence of these vital reviews of late-antique artwork, and the ideologies informing it, for which he has lengthy been famed."--Classical overview

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284, the Roman armies under Emperor Numerian were marching home from a Persian campaign. The Emperor, suffering from an eye infection, was carried in a sedan-chair which concealed him from sight. He was accompanied by his father-in-law, Aper, prefect of the Praetorian Guard. One day a macabre stench emanated from the royal sedan-chair, and soon the whole army knew that it was occupied by a corpse. "Immediately all fell upon Aper who could no longer hide his treachery, and they dragged him before the banners in front of the high command in the camp.

35-37· L'Orange, Studien, pp. , figs. 32-35. 22 Seston, pp. 211 ff. E. , I, Mamertini paneg. , 10 tf. Compare Mamertini genethl. • 2. 21 47 19. Porphyry group of the Tetrarchy, the two Augusti, Vatican 20. Porphyry group of the Tetrarchy, the two Caesars, Vatican 21. Detail of porphyry group of Fig. 19 ortgtn replaces the personal individuality, just as the divine birthday replaces the personal dies nata/is. The similitudo in the portraying of the emperors is thus of the same nature as that in the portrayal of saints; a "sacred type," rv1ro~ l€p6~ (pp.

6 Chaos on the economic front accompanied this confusing state of affairs. Devaluation of money, resulting from the diminution of the amount of precious metal in the coin, led to inflation and violently fluctuating prices. There was a constant increase in taxes to maintain the standing armies; there were continual requisitions of provisions, especially of farm products, for armies on the move. Financial and monetary difficulties 4 6 Script. hist. , pp. 260 fT. 1. The Refor1ns of 1Jiocletian forced the state to take what it needed in kind instead of the unreliable, increasingly devaluated money brought in by normal taxation.

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