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Memon M . S . , K . B . , History of Sindhi Literature, Vol . 206. 44 M iyan Abd u l Rahi m G i rhon h i mself was a g reat scholar and a poet. H is sayi ngs q u oted by Dr. Daudpota are very i m portant specimen of S i n d h i prose of that time. For instance: J-"r. � �. f;� � �· 1.? J -J�, y. J_x �J �. 0 � 'fe. i-? ,. t )fa y'>1 �. /. / 0 y:;- �. ) ) .. J ( _) ) D u ring the same peri o d, the name of Akh u n d Azizul lah (1 7 46- 1 824 AD) of M atiari is als o worth mention i n g . H e translated the H oly Quran i nto S i n d h i prose.

B. S I N D H I P R O S E Like poet ry, Sindhi language i s also very rich in p rose. But it i s n ot an easy task to fin d out t h e o ld est specimen of S i n d h i p rose of p re-Arab perioCl . A s mentioned earlier, d u r i n g th e beg i n ­ n i n g o f H abarid rul e i n S i n d h , i n t h e year 270 AH (883 AD) , on t h e request of a n ative Local n o n-ruler, Abdu ll a h bin U me r H abari , t h e ruler of al-Mansura h , asked o n e of the I raqi M u s l i m scholars of S i ndh to translate the H o ly Q u ra n and p repare the l aws of Fiqh and Sunnah for the n o n- M u s l i m ruler.

H e i s said to have set forth a mysti c doctrin e after the style of R u m i , the graat Persian Poet , but i n view of Dr. Sch i m m e l : "Yet it i s n ot absolutely certain to w h i c h mysti cal order he was affil i ated "2 Shah Karim com posed Dohas and Sorthas. H e also mod ified their forms and m atter. The biography, d i scourses and poetical works of Shah Karim were col l ected by his d i sci p l e , M u h am mad Raza Abdul Was 'e, only si;� years after his death. �)dl o�) was writte n in Pers i a n , alongwith 94 verses of Shah Karim.

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