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By B. Ghosh

Классическая грамматика Языка Пали выдающегося немецкого филолога, востоковеда, специализирующегося на индийских и иранских языках, Вильгельма Гейгера, изданная впервые в Германии ещё в 1916 году, и с тех пор выдержавшая множество переизданий.
«Pali Grammar» by means of Wilhelm Geiger translated into English through Batakrishne Ghosh.
«Revised version of the well known paintings by means of the good German student, trying to go well with the desires of either teachers and beginners.
In this model such as an advent entitled «What is Pali?» by means of Prof R.F. Gombrich, the dense paragraphs of the unique were separated out and the variety of references reduced.»

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Sample text

Wel esm eeh? bookshop, bookstore maktaba 44 ana etwaladt fi ‘Manchester’ borrow (money) istalaf (other items) istaaār may I borrow€...? (item) momkin astaaeer ...? both litnayn bother: sorry to bother you (said by man/woman) ana āsif/ āsfa aalāl izaāg ezāza a bottle of beer brass ezāzit beera nehās asfar made of brass bottle-opener fattāha bread aaysh bottom (of person) teez min en- nehās at the bottom of the€... (hill, street etc) aand ākhir el ... box sandoo’ white bread aaysh feeno brown bread aaysh box office wholemeal bread aaysh shebbāk tazākir white pitta bread aaysh shāmee walad boyfriend sāhib break (verb) kasar bra sotyāna bracelet iswera brains I’ve broken the€...

Floos Catholic kasoleeki cave maghāra ceiling sa’f ABCDEFGHIJKLCe (verb) saraf will you cash this for me? momkin tesriflee da? cash desk kays cash dispenser el ‘bank’ eshshakhsee cassette ‘cassette’ cassette recorder tazgeel English ➜ Arabic carrier bag cemetery torab (historic, Islamic) madfan centigrade daraga me’awaya 51 English ➜ Arabic centimetre ‘santimetre’ central ra’eesee maaayeesh aī fakka a five-pound note? momkin centre teddeeni fakkit khamsa genayh? west how do we get to the city izzay newsal li west el balad?

To woman) inti kwayisa? between bayn beyond abaad min bicycle aagala bikeenee bill kebeer awee 42 big fatoora (US: banknote) wara’ could I have the bill, please? (to man/woman) momkin el fatoora, low samaht/ samahtee? bin zibāla bird tayr birthday aeed milād happy birthday! aeed milād saaeed! blond (adj) ash’ar bit: a little bit hetta soghīyara blood a big bit hetta kebeera damm high blood pressure daght damm mortafia a bit of€... hetta min el ... a bit expensive ghāliya blouse shwaya English ➜ Arabic biscuit baskōt blooza blow-dry seshwār bite (by insect) arsa blue azra’ (by animal) aadda bitter (taste etc) mor black eswid blanket battanaya bless you!

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