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By Guido Segers

В магистерской диссертации Гвидо Сегерса, защищённой в Университете Тильбург в Нидерландах в июле 2012 г., показывается, каким образом различные радикальные идеологические течения проявляют себя в специфической музыкальной субкультуре - "блэк-метал".

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There is nothing that is too raw, disgusting or sick. (Davisson, 2010, p. 185)” The way the band dealt with the suicide was too much for founding member Necrobutcher (Jørn Stubberud), who left the band after these events. The way Euronymous used the suicide to propel the band to even greater heights particularly was too much (Rydehead, 2008). This left the band in need of new blood to fill the empty spots in its lineup. To replace Necrobutcher, Euronymous recruited a peculiar figure that was already making a name for himself in the scene: Varg Vikernes, ironically also the supplier of the ammunition for Dead’s shotgun with which he killed himself (Aites & Ewell, 2008).

Neither does one subgenre express just one element. At the essence black metal is just as much part of the counterculture that is metal as any other scene is. Many of them have switched from one ideology to the next, specifically any band finding a kind of nihilism at first or an anti-Christian position 45 tends to look for something to replace that with. A shift in musical interest happens just as well, so this is merely an attempt at categorization based on the history and development of the genre, which will serve to place and explain the genre and Figure 9.

Songs like ‘Pure Holocaust’ by Immortal clearly show this idea of an ultimate war, the total destruction of mankind in war and holocaust. Cold and ice play a big symbolic part in the nihilism of these lyrics. It’s not just death and holocaust, but pure, total and complete. The dying sun and the cold heart represent the clear end of humanity. The music is cold and static, it depicts the cold dead world of winter where thousands of coffins pile up. Death has come for all. The standstill, the nothingness that it brings sonically testifies of that.

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