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He was nice enough to show us how to do harder work then we suppose to do so we have better grades in junior high school when we go we should be thankful for him teaching us. Future The rest of this story is about the future of Maurice the rest of this story may be fiction and may not because it never happened yet. I hope you like it should be good but may be bad. The way I plan my future When I become old enough to get a job I plan for it to be a scienceist. I always wanted to be a scienceist so I could do something for our world.

Now Peri didn’t know where to look, so in anger, he ran to the palace of the emperor of Rome, two guards attacked him, but he took out his sword and chopped their heads off! ’ The emperor had to yield and told him he was in a cave with the alligators. Peri raced out of the palace, and went to the cave. He saw his brother, Pathos, dying. He took off the chains and started to get out, but ten Roman soldiers surrounded them! Then, Peri and Pathos were fighting and struggling to get out. The Roman soldiers were trying to throw the two brothers in the swampy waters of the alligators, but didn’t have a chance.

Robert’s tale of Pathos, a barbarian Christian during the time of Periclean Athens, was as impressive as it was inaccurate. Pathos-Megas was alive for me, a weakling grown powerful and blessed with ‘the strength of luck’. Robert’s voice, which he hardly ever used in class, was clear and resonant in his writing. Alvin, Maurice, Michael, Reginald and Leverne crowded about my desk They had already read the book and formed their judgements, but they wanted to hear what I had to say. Robert had retreated to his desk and was drawing.

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