100 Things You Can Do to Stay Fit and Healthy: Simple Steps - download pdf or read online

By Scott Douglas

ISBN-10: 1510712356

ISBN-13: 9781510712355

Looking to redesign and revitalize your health and get fitter, yet uncertain the place to begin? good glance no extra than operating guru and wellbeing and fitness professional Scott Douglas’s 100 belongings you Can Do to stick healthy and fit . every one brief part during this tome encompasses a uncomplicated, and easy-to-implement, general practitioner- authorized perform that that may increase your health and common well-being instantly, and, whilst endured, will bring up your health completely. during this beneficial and healthy booklet, the reader will locate sections on:
• enhancing muscular health
• keeping skeletal strength
• expanding psychological acuity
• tracking intestinal regularity
• And maintaining your cardiovascular fitness!
Simple to understand, effortless to exploit, and almost easy to enforce in every-day existence, 100 stuff you Can Do to stick healthy and fit is a must have at the shelf in each home.

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I like other activities such as hiking and cycling enough to happily do them, but nothing else speaks to me like running does. My wife is a much more interesting person in an athletic sense. She enjoys regularly mixing activities, including cycling, running, Nordic skiing, kayaking, hiking, and snowshoeing. The variety keeps her more mentally engaged than concentrating on one activity, while the physical variation gives her the overall rather than sport-specific fitness she values. Her two favorites, cycling and skiing, appeal to her in part because she likes the changes in effort that topography naturally cause during a ride or ski.

You’d be a fool not to take that pill, right? That pill is regular aerobic exercise, in which you elevate your heart rate with sustained activity for twenty or more minutes at a time. Just a few hours a week of aerobic exercise significantly lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer, and helps to control your weight and improves your mental state, among other benefits. The issue for some people is that, instead of a pill, aerobic exercise is more like the proverbial castor oil—something you know you need, but lacking so much in appeal that it feels like a chore.

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